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Specific customized treatments available to accommodate your  individual needs.

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​​​​​Body Scrubs and Dry Brushing
Enjoy a relaxing, exfoliating body scrub with hot towel removal to renew and revive dry or tired skin.
Body scrubs are very beneficial prior to a spray tan to help the color adhere and last longer.

​​Dry brushing treatments help stimulate circulation and improve skins look and feel. There are multiple health benefits to Dry Brushing, including reducing cellulite, helps tighten skin and tone muscles by stimulating the nerve endings which causes the individual muscle fibers to activate and move.

Body Wraps
Our inch loss, detoxifying body wrap treatments are all natural and affective. See results same day, and in most cases throughout the following 30 days after treatments as well!
We offer two different types of body wraps to meet your specific needs. Call or schedule a consultation to determine which wrap is best for you.​  ​​ 

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For more detailed information on these  body wraps, including "Frequently Asked Questions", follow the link below, and press on the wrap applicator to learn more.
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Take Off Inches and Tighten Skin In Just Two Hours!
Reduce cellulite and stretch marks.
Give your entire body the benefits of a facial mask– smoother, tighter softer skin.
Most clients average an 8 to 12 inch loss in overall measurements with their first wrap.

The SlenderQuest body Wrap System is a safe and effective process that firms and tones, reducing body measurements and cleansing the skin and soft tissue. It is not a substitute for physical fitness or dietary weight loss programs, but a good partner for an overall fitness plan.

Whether you want a continuing series to complement your diet, a maintenance program or just a quick fix for that special occasion…

Wrap up with
And unwrap A new you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is The SlenderQuest Body Wrap System?
​ A. It is an advanced inch loss program, which uses natural ingredients to draw out toxins and tighten skin. It is a firming and toning progress.
Q. How Does It Work?
​ A. Herbal extracts, amino nutrients and natural sea clay open pores and draw out toxic accumulations from the skin and soft tissue layers. Pressure wraps compact the detoxified fatty tissues, reducing overall measurements in the areas that need it most.
Q. How Long Does It Last?
​ A. As long as you maintain your weight (or lose some), we guarantee that the lost inches will not return for at least 30 days. With the retoxification of the tissue these inches will gradually return over the next 6 to 12 months, depending wholely on your diet. Avoiding salt, sugar, fried foods, alcohol, caffeine and other toxic-laden foods will substantially retard the re-toxifying process.
Q. Does It Involve Dieting?
​A. No, dieting is not required for inch-loss, but a SlenderQuest Body Wrap program is the perfect partner for a diet. Losing weight causes the breakdown of fat, releasing more toxins in the soft tissues, frequently resulting in loose, “flabby” looking flesh. The detoxifying and sculpturing wrap will firm and tighten this flesh to show the full benefits of your weight loss.
Q. Does It Involve Exercise?
​A. The SlenderQuest Body Wrap System will reduce inches with or without exercise, but the resistance of the wraps will increase the benefits of any level of movement undertaken while wrapped. We recommend doing as much as you are comfortable with.
Q. How Many Inches Will I Lose?
​A. Depending upon your body type (the proportion of soft tissue to muscle mass), most clients average a 10 to 12 inch loss on their first wrap, and about half as much on the second and then third wraps. Many customers have body wraps for skin tightening and cellulite reduction, which does not involve inch loss, while others seek the therapeutic benefits of detoxification.
Q. How Long Does A Body Wrap Take?
​ A. A body wrap session is usually 2 hours long. The initial interview, measuring and wrapping take about 45 minutes, another 45 to 60 minutes are spent in the wraps, and dressing take approximately 15 minutes.
Q. What Should I wear To Be Wrapped?
​ A. In order to maximize the coverage of the Sea Clay and Amino-Herbal Mist, we suggest that you be wrapped in your undergarments or a skimpy swimsuit. You will be wrapped in warm, damp bandages, so bring an extra set of dry undergarments for after the wrap.
Q. How Often Can I Get A Body Wrap?
​A. The body wrap is a safe and effective process and you can do it as often as you wish. For inch-loss results, we have found that a series of 4 to 6 wraps—at least 3 days apart—will give most clients the full benefit of the process. If you are losing weight, a continuing series will show results and keep tightening the skin to your new shape. Many people are happy after just one wrap, others return once a month to maintain their results and because it makes the skin so soft and supple.
Q. Is This Just A Temporary Water Loss?
​A. No! The SlenderQuest Body Wrap is a firming and toning process that produces results by detoxifying and contouring the flesh. You will lose inches, not pounds. We recommend drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day in the days following the wrap to continue the detoxifying process through the body’s natural elimination system. Flushing your system this way will even help you to lose weight.
Q. What Should I Do After The Wrap? A.
​ It takes about 10 days for the skin to fully adapt to the tissue reduction. You can assist this process by avoiding toxic foods such as salt, sugar, caffeine, carbonated beverages, and alcohol for several days following the wrap in addition to drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. We also recommend not using creams or lotions and taking only lukewarm showers during these days, keeping the solutions in the pores to continue attracting toxins. After 3 days, you should take a hot shower, open your pores, and flush the toxins out.

The SlenderQuest Body Wrap System uses the ancient arts of masking and wrapping to change the shape you're in.
Time tested in European spas and health clinics, the pressure body wrapping technique compresses fatty tissues and tightens flesh, helping to tone the underlying muscle.
The SlenderQuest System goes beyond these benefits, providing skin and tissue nourishment, the stimulation of your body’s cellular metabolism, and a therapeutic level of detoxification.
Our three-step program begins with Amino-Herbal Mist sprayed lightly all over the body. Herbal extracts and amino nutrients in a pure aloe base work to open and clear clogged pores, providing nutrients and moisturizers to the skin, preparing for the sea clay.
SlenderQuest Sea Clay is a complex mixture of natural clays from ancient sea beds. This highly absorbent, therapeutic clay is applied directly to the skin (like a facial mask) and draws out toxic accumulation from the soft tissue layers, smoothing and tightening the flesh. Cleansing this tissue revitalizes the new skin’s natural elasticity, restoring its ability to help hold the new contours shaped by the wraps. Additionally, like a facial mask, the clay will exfoliate (remove dead cells) from the skin to give it a glowing look and soft healthy feel.
Amino nutrients are the small building blocks that protein is composed of and, increasingly, they are being taken like vitamins by health conscious people. We normally get amino nutrients to our bodies in our diet– the proteins in the food we eat are broken down by digestion into amino nutrients, which are then absorbed directly into the metabolic system, providing building blocks for new tissue.

Expect with careful planning, our diets usually lack the correct amount and proportion of amino nutrients for peak health and energy. This affects every function of the body’s chemical factory. Scientific study has shown that amino nutrient supplementation and targeting can produce amazing positive results. SlenderQuest has combined 4 amino nutrients that directly target the breakdown of surface fat, skin and muscle tone development, detoxification, and the reduction of fatigue.
First Applied with the herbal mist, amino nutrients are also used to saturate the contouring wraps. This double application aids the absorption of the aminos and the SlenderQuest Sea Clay. The wraps themselves provide contouring pressure compacting the soft underlying fatty tissue, stimulating circulation, aiding the body’s natural elimination of toxic waste accumulation and creating resistance that enhances the results for any level of exercise undertaken while wrapped.
This 3-step approach– Amino-Herbal Mist, Amino saturated wraps, and directly applied SlenderQuest therapeutic Sea Clay, - shows results that far surpass those of other body wraps, working on both the inside and out to cleanse, detoxify and nourish the body while providing a slimmer, shapelier silhouette.
The results will be soft, tightened, glowing skin, reduced cellulite and stretch marks, firmed flesh, and guaranteed inch loss. Look better and feel great with a SlenderQuest Body Wrap today!

We currently offer two types of Body Wraps:
 "SlenderQuest" Is a (FULL BODY) wrap system that is herbal and mineral based, and time tested ​in European spas, with proven results in skin tightening, toning and detox.
​(Allow 2 hours) This treatment is performed in a private spa room for your comfort and privacy.
1 Treatment $95
5 ​​Treatments $356
10 treatments $632​
Memberships NOW Available! ONLY $69.95 a month!​

​"ItWorks" or "SkinnyWrap", is a (TARGETED AREA) herbal wrap system that tightens, tones and detoxes the area it is placed.
​ (Allow 45 mins) This treatment can be performed in our spa, or you can do these treatments in your home, and wear them on the go.
These wraps can be added to other spa services such as, massage and teeth whitening treatments.​
1 Treatment $35
2 treatments $70
4 Treatments $140​​ (Ask how to get wholesale pricing)
SlenderQuest Body Wrap